Assignment #1: Window 25%

Using the Colour Wheel and two pairs of complementary scales as your reference, create a painting that explores two narrative arenas: one interior and one exterior, with the window being the portal between the two. The interior arena will be painted using one harmonic structure, with a variety of tonal ranges. The exterior arena will be painted with a different harmonic structure.  A shared colour will act as a visual bridge or pivot between one narrative and the other.

Research studies must be included in your sketchbook.

A one-page artist statement in MLA format explaining the work will be uploaded to Canvas with the finished painting.

Painted on a Gallery Style, Stretched Canvas, 30″ x 36″ (minimum size)

To begin:

In your sketchbook;
Make  5 – 10 compositional thumbnail studies,
Then make 3 x 8″ x 10″ (minimum), tonal / colour studies
In the studies explore and select one complimentary pair + another split complementary pair
Reminder to produce studies that correspond with the aspect ratio of your painting (30″ x 36″)

Once a successful colour  palette / composition is determined
Translate your still life onto your canvas

Things to consider;
Technical Elements – composition, colour / mixing, mark-making, line and form, treatment of edges, observation / expression, variation of technique and content.

Finding Split Complements

Example 1
Red / Green
Select colours on either side of the complement
Red, Yellow-Green & Blue-Green

Split complementary colour schemes

Split complementary colour schemes

Example Complementary colour:

Vincent Van Gogh, The Night Café, Arles, 1888.

Vincent Van Gogh, The Night Café, Arles, 1888.

Example of Split Complementary:

Vermeer, The Milkmaid, 1658 – 60

Vermeer, The Milkmaid, 1658 – 60

Artist Examples:

Student Examples:


In Class Presentation:

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