“Shapeshifters” on Upcycled Surface

Size is open to reflect the subject matter

Shapeshifters are mythological beings that often metamorphose from a strong stimulus of emotion or circumstance.  Shapeshifting can happen to you or can be self-generated; ultimately this metamorphosis changes one’s relationship to the world.

With perimeters outlined by the instructor, students will envision, plan and execute a painting on an upcycled surface that reflects the ideas of the ‘medium as the message’ discussed in class. In this painting, the students will demonstrate an understanding of previous assignments, and exercises through the creation of their own composition, conceptual framework and development of their own visual vocabulary. Upon completion students will upload to Canvas an image of the work and include a one-page artist statement in MLA format uploaded in PDF form.

Optional: Using the panels from this semester, students may arrange, modify, compose and install a work that transforms each piece in service to the whole picture. Students are encouraged to evaluate their selections critically. The arrangement may necessitate additional panels or material elements. Assignment criteria will be delivered in class.

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