Ideation Book

Research. Ideation sketchbook:
In-class work and/or research and ideation will be expected during the semester.

Inside the Sketchbooks of Famous Artists:

Whether you’re an artist or an aficionado of the arts, there’s no question that peering into the sketchbooks of lauded virtuosos is a valuable experience. They serve variously as illustrated diaries or catalogs of casual drawings, paintings, and musings — lending a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the inner thoughts of beloved artists. From a reprint of Frida Kahlo’s diary full of vibrant drawings and writings to the silkscreened lips of Andy Warhol’s portrait subjects to Tim Burton’s sketches, our roundup of adored artists’ sketchbooks is sure to give you some insight into the creative process.

Source: By  Nicole Rallis, on Nov 21, 2011 1:30pm

Here are even more Artist sketchbook examples to help you generate ideas for your sketchbooks.  Your books should be filled with course related ideas and information! Studies, colour explorations, mark making, compositional studies …

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