Colour Wheel

Steps to making your own colour wheel:

Here is a template you can print, cutout and use as a stencil  for your colour wheel.

Colour wheel template

Colour wheel template

Step one: draw out your colour wheel and place a 1-12, similar to the face of a clock.  You will then draw a triangle lining up with 12, 8 and 4 O’clock, which you will paint the 3 x primary colours

Note: Mix equal parts cool & warm colours for blue, red and yellow to balance the colour 

Cadmium Yellow Light + Hansa Yellow Medium
Ultramarine Blue + Phthalo Blue
Cadmium Red Medium + Alizarin Crimson

  1. At 12 o’clock paint yellow
  2. With a clean brush  at 8 O’clock paint blue
  3. With a clean brush at 4 O’clock paint red

3 primary

Step 2: Draw a second triangle lining up at 10, 2 and 6 O’clock, which you will paint the 3 x secondary colours (still using the balanced colours).

  1. At 10 O’clock paint green – mix equal parts of blue + yellow
  2. At 2 O’clock paint orange – mix equal parts red + yellow
  3. At 6 O’clock paint Violet – mix equal parts blue + red


Step 3: Fill in the remaining 6 x tertiary colours

Note: Mix with the colour weight focused on dominate colour – Yellow / Orange, Red / Orange (refer to colour wheel for reference)

  1. At 1 O’clock Yellow – Orange
  2. At 3 O’clock Red – Orange
  3. At 5 O’clock Red – Violet
  4. At 7 O’clock Blue – Violet
  5. At 9 O’clock Blue – Green
  6. At 11 O’clock Yellow – Green

Important Tip: Clean your brushes, or use different brushes between colours so the colours are clean and not muddy

Resulting in the final colour wheel


Final Colour Wheel

Final Colour Wheel

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